兵庫県西宮市発祥のブランド『ONE WASH』
1998年、アメリカのユーズドを使いリメイクの子供服を制作しはじめる。2000年、ONE WASHとしてハンドメイドで国産のデニムを使った子供服や、母親のためのレディースブランドをスタート。そこから、西宮で約20年直営店舗と縫製拠点の工房を運営。
2019年、大阪府豊中市の千里阪急百貨店にONE WASHがプロデュースするセレクトショップ『CULASU PLACE』をオープン。関西の様々な百貨店でポップアップ出店も行う。


当サイトでは、ONE WASHや姉妹ブランドの『Mau』をはじめ、CULASU PLACEや直営店舗で取り扱いのある様々な雑貨などをご紹介しております。

“ONE WASH” is a brand originating from Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.
In 1998, he began producing remade children's clothing using used American clothing. In 2000, she started ONE WASH, a children's clothing line made from handmade domestic denim, and a women's brand for mothers. From there, he operated a directly managed store and a sewing workshop in Nishinomiya for about 20 years.
In 2019, the select shop “CULASU PLACE” produced by ONE WASH opened at the Senri Hankyu Department Store in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. We also hold pop-up stores at various department stores in Kansai.

Currently, we aim to create products that suit the changing body shape and constitution of women, and we want women to enjoy casual fashion forever...With this in mind, we pursue designs and fine lines. We are particular about domestic sewing, and aim to create products that have a careful finish that can be worn for years to come, and that allow you to experience the wonders of Japanese sewing.

On this site, we introduce ONE WASH, our sister brand "Mau", and various miscellaneous goods available at CULASU PLACE and directly managed stores.